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Domitian Denarius from Aureus dies

Several montha ago I went through a small group of Domitian denrii and picked this coin out because the dies looked unusually fine for a denarius. I suspected it might be aureus dies but wasn't sure. Yesterday I finally got around to working it up and sure enough, both dies were used to strike aurei in this issue.

DOMITIAN. AD 81-96. AR Denarius (3.47 g). Rome mint. Struck 86 AD. Laureate head right / Minerva standing right on prow, brandishing javelin and holding shield, owl before. RIC II 74; BMCRE 89 note, pl. 62, 7 (same dies on an aureus); RSC 196.

I've had a few Domitian denarii with aureus obverse dies, this is the first I've encountered where both dies match.

Barry Murphy
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