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I bid on those as well (lot 851 and 852) but didn't check to see the levels the bidding was at. They should sell for $2000-$3000 each.

The coin I was refering to was lot 622. In the flesh it was really attractive.

Lot 615, the Thebes with Herakles stringing his bow was in the $3500 range on a $1000 estimate. Lot 663, a nice but fairly common Thebese stater was near $800 (on a $300 estimate). Lot 1799, the rare Constantius Siliqau, ex Trau, was near $1000 on a $500 estimate.

Checked a few book lots today. Like the Malter sale 2 weeks ago, prices were over retail again. SNG Delepirre needed a bid of $320 (avaialble new at 100 Euros). Calciati CNS was over $1000, available new for around $800. I really wanted the Rogers on Thessalian bronze coinage but it was close to $500.

I checked a few more but don't really recall any other numbers. Prices were at retail levels plus. Coins that you couldn't give away a year ago for $400-500 are now selling in auction $750-1000 with multiple bidders at those levels. It's getting a bit nuts, and as a dealer, it's almost impossible to buy coins for inventory. And it's not just me, I hear the same thing from other dealers who used to buy coins at auction. There just seems to be no limit to what coins will sell for these days in auction, and in many cases it's dealer against dealer trying to buy coins fro inventory. There's a real shortage of nice material, and we all end up butting heads for the few pieces around.

When I first left CNG 4 years ago, I'd place 30-40 bids a CNG sale, or Lanz, Gorny, Peus etc... and I'd win 10-15 lots. Now I place 100 bids, at multiples of what I used to pay, and get nothing. In the CNG sale, I bid on 415 lots, a few at 60% of estimate, most in the 80-120% of estimate, and 10-20 at multiples of estimate. I'll be lucky if I get 10 lots, more than likely those that I bid 60% of estimate.

I can post these now since the sale ended 45 minutes ago.

Barry Murphy

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