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Constantine II, AE3 - Eros exergual series

Dear fellow LRB enthusiasts,

Is a pellet with the Eros exergual series attesetd and I'm simply overlooking it somewhere?

Constantine II, AE3, c.320, Rome, Officina 4
Laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right
Roma seated right on shield, holding shield inscribed X / V set on knee
. R eros Q in exergue
18mm x 19mm, 3.16g
RIC VII, -- (cf. RIC VII 200 for type)
Image courtesy Classical Numismatic Group, Website, February 2010
Note: RIC does not attest an emission with a pellet mark in either "eros" exergual series.

Notes: A explanation of the exergual mark by Gert Boersema 'this is a coin with the famous eros mintmark in the exergue. To the left and to the right the letters R and T stand for officina tertia Romae, ‘the third workshop of Rome’. The word Eros is written in Greek (EPWC), with the letters epsilon, rho and omega in a ligature. There was a pun intended: Eros translates into Latin as Amor, and amor is an anagram (and a palindrome) for Roma. The wordplay AMOR-ROMA is well attested in ancient Rome. To name but two examples: in Virgil’s Aenid (4.347) Aeneas says to Dido that the Lycean oracle commands him to go to the land of his ‘amor’. This land is of course Roma. And finally, there is the inscription from Aquincum with the palindrome Roma tibi subito motibus ibit amor.'

Thanks in advance,

--Zach Beasley
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