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But like alex says its not a coin and would be classed under the artefact rules. She was told what to do she didn't do it. The whole system in the uk needs to start clamping down more on the criminal activities involved in artefacts that includes nighthawks where they should get massive fines loss of equipment and jail in some cases. Any breach of the treasure rules should be enforced like this case. its not a coincidence that in the past you got people finding expensive things like ancient gold ect on beaches (as it was exempt from land owner cuts from the treasure value) and now that beaches have been covered by the regs its in gardens like in this case lol when she was a kid lol which would try to put it before the 1996 treasure act. Im very cynical these days I have seen the hobby of metal detecting change from one with people doing it for enjoyment and a love of history to one where more are doing it for a quick sale on ebay. I would certainly have more restrictions on the sale of antiquities from ebay you see treasure items on that site from england all the time.
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