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Originally Posted by cogito View Post
Very interesting! You keep tempting me to the Roman-side with these fascinating series/thematic coins...must resist the urge to collect more...must keep steadfast...arrggghhh..

Good! That's what you and all of your Geeky Greeky ilk get! Call it paybacks for me having to buy this coin from Barry last year.

Sicily-Syracuse, AR Tetradrachm, c.482-480 BC, Deinomenid Tyranny, Struck under Gelon
(No legend)
Charioteer driving walking quadriga right, holding kentron and reins; Nike flying above and crowning horses
Diademed head of Arethusa right; four dolphins swimming clockwise around
23mm x 24mm, 17.28g
Boehringer 89 (V44/R58); SNG ANS 23 (same obverse die)
Ex Barry Murphy, CICF, April 2008
Note: The obverse of the Syracusan Tetradrachm shows a charioteer driving a quadriga right. On nearly all the dies though, only two horse heads are visible. Only two dies, this one (V44) and V45 show all four horse heads.

Doggone Greek art. It's so interesting and beautiful.

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