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Feb 27, 2010, 11:10 AM
Over ten years ago I purchased a coin from Henry Lindgren. The coin was thought to be of Nicopolis-Emmaus. I recently learned that this coin attribution was wrong. It may be of Nicopolis ad Istrum or of Epirus. On Wildwinds all the ad Istrum coins with Nike reverse show her standing left. My coin shows her standing right. Lindgren III has a coin of Gordian III with Nike standing right. The obverse legend is gone. The ANS database of Nicopolis Epirus lists coins of Augustus, Hadrian, Ant. Pius, Commodus, Sept. Severus and Gordian III with a reverse Nike standing. I'm at least leaning on the idea that this coin is of Epirus. Anyone willing to check this out is welcome. Thank you.

Feb 27, 2010, 07:02 PM
It appears to be:

Epirus, Nicopolis. Marcus Aurelius (?). A.D. 161-180. Laureate head right / Nike advancing right, holding wreath in extended right hand, palm over shoulder in left. Karamesine-Oikonomidou 12, dies O8/R12 (?) (1 spec.: Vienna).

The attribution to city is fairly sure; the attribution to emperor is uncertain (this according to Karamesine-Oikonomidou, not me). Nonetheless, if my cataloguing is correct, it seems to be a very rare coin indeed, possibly the second known example with the only other being in a museum collection.


Feb 28, 2010, 04:52 AM
Thanks much John! I had never heard of Karamesine-Oikonomidoy, but found some info for it in the Library of Congress and in the Malter 2006 sale. I got an email from Dane at Wildwinds thinking my coin is of Nicopolis, Epirus but possibly of Commodus, citing Mionnet suppliment III, p. 389 #219. But this coin only shows the first few letters of the reverse legend and not the last few "...IC" So I'll be content at least knowing it's from Epirus and likely pretty rare. I was able to find Moinnet's volumes online and he does list a good number of coins for Epirus. It's sometimes odd in the collecting world where a reference book cites a good number of coins for a city, but they seldom come up for sale in the market. From personal experience I've found this to be true with RIC rarity ratings. This is not scientific, but it seems some R3 types are sold more often than "common" types. Of course RIC ratings are now somewhat outdated. I have another coin from Henry Lindgren attributed to Nicopolis, Epirus and he thought was unpublished. It's of Gordian III. But that's for another day. THANKS AGAIN!