View Full Version : Ruzicka: Serdica Coinage online for download

Apr 21, 2009, 07:29 PM
Dear all
The English translation with plates from the original work and enhanced by dozens of modern pictures is now online for free download.


My thanks once again to the following people who kindly and graciously allowed me to use their images:
Patricia Lawrence, Dave Arundell, Chris Austin, Luigi Barrucco, Richard Beale (Roma
Numismatics), Rich Bourne, Pete Burbules, Kurt Ellenberger, George Clegg, Andreas Reich, Doug Smith (www.pbase.com/dougsmit), Tom White, Heather Howard (www.aeqvitas.com), Ed Flinn (www258.pair.com/denarius/coinage.htm), William Peters (www.provincialromans.com/), Marcy K. (http://mk.shahrazad.net/gallienus/) and Lars Rutten.

Enjoy !