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Apr 9, 2009, 02:06 PM
Hi all
I have already put out the call on Forvm and would like to extend the same call here. As part of a series of translations of old articles and books from old (no copyright) numismatic works that I am doing and uploading for free download, I am currently translating the Ruzicka catalogue of Serdica Provincial Coinage from the original German to English.
Because the plates in the pdf are not always clear, I am asking for pictures of coins of Serdica which I can add under the name of the sender/owner, to the final translation pdf.

If you have any provincial coins of Serdica and would like them to be added to the pdf, please follow these guidelines to make my life easier:
- (provincial coins only, from Marcus Aurelius to Gallienus
- Coins as single pix, obv. on the left, rev. on the right
- Ideal size of pic would be 600 pixels wide, smaller is ok, I could shrink larger pics.
- White or pale grey background would be great but is by no means a must
- Add your name and info about the coin, legends, weight, size, if you like/can/want.
- Send by email to helvetica.dane at gmail dot com.

Note: I repeat - the final work will be uploaded to my rapidshare account and to archive.org for free download. I am doing the translation(s) voluntarily for the pleasure and interest of fellow numismatists. No money is involved in any form for these translations :) . Don't hold your breath - I am currently on p. 46 of 90 pp.

A list of translations done so far is in a separate posting (in a couple of minutes).

Thanks for your support with this project !