View Full Version : Coins of Thessalonika vs. Macedonian Koinon

Mar 5, 2008, 02:40 PM
I have a question I am hoping some erudite member(s) can answer. It has to do with provincial coins of Nero from Thessalonika and from the Macedonian Koinon.

As examples of both, let's consider RPC 1592, which features an almost certainly youthful portrait of Nero, with a reverse that spells out the name of Thessalonika inside the wreath. On the other hand we have at least two coins of Nero ascribed to "Macedonia Koinon", such as RPC 1613 and 1614. The authors of RPC state that these Macedonia Koinon coins were most probably minted at Thessalonika.

What I am curious about is the relationship between the Thessalonian coins and the Macedon Koinons. It the distinction one of chronology alone? The Macedonia Koinon coins do seem to picture an older Nero portrait.

Thanks for any help, electrum!