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Jan 5, 2008, 02:21 PM
Hi all!

Apollonia of Macedon was little more than a barely touched archaeological mound last I checked. Does anyone know if any Apollonia issues have evr been unearthed...published anywhere? I'd love to see or read about these and any good archaeological studies done in this immediate area.

Many, many, thanks! I look forward to your insights!


Jan 6, 2008, 10:26 AM
Here's the relevant entry in Head's Historia Nummorum:

Apollonia (?). There were three Macedonian towns of this name, one of which, situated to the south of Lake Bolbe, may, according to Imhoof, have issued the following bronze coins. The attribution is very doubtful. The inscr. ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΟΣ occurs elsewhere only on some coins of Tau- romenium in Sicily. Imhoof (Mon. gr., p. 65) would supply the word πολις. In spite of the inscr. the types refer to the cult of Dionysos.

Third or second century B.C. (?).
Young male head crowned with ivy.
[Hunter, I. 270; Berl. Cat., II. 65.] ΑΠΟΛ ΛΩΝΟΣ Amphora.

These uncertain coins may be compared for style with those of the unknown rulers Adaeus and Cavarus, and with the coins reading ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΟΣ ΙΑΤΡΟΥ, assigned by Pick to Apollonia Pontica (Jahr. arch. Inst., xiii. 169), and by Svoronos (Journ. int. d'arch.-num., i. p. 86) to Peparethus (p. 313 infra).


Jan 6, 2008, 01:32 PM

Thanks so much, Lars. So the issues of Apollonia Macedonia remain about as enigmatic as the old city--still buried under the shrouds of mystery. We drove by this "site" a couple years ago and it is little more than a mound in the midst of farmland. I had hoped this would be somehwat like Colossae, Phrygia--little more than a mound but still with a small numismatic treasure to offer.