View Full Version : Interesting Time with My RPC

Apr 19, 2007, 01:59 PM
I have been having a very, very interesting time with my new volumes of RPC I. Since my main focus in Provincials is on the years of Paul's voyages from approx. 46-62 A.D., having dates for coins is essential. One thing I believe I have discovered is that there are not always dates for coins! I say "believe" because the RPC is a daunting resource and I am not sure I am understanding all of it on a given coin. Time will improve that. If I could actually sit down with someone in person who knows how to use RPC I'd advance quicker, but that is not going to happen, so....

In particular I have gotten the impression that dating Nero's coins can be a problem, esp. with the bronzes and leaded bronzes of Macedonia, Thrace, etc. If RPC doesn't give a date then isn't it likely no one is going to know any more? By the way I have just sold some of my prior collecting interest, i.e. Tetrarchs, and have a bit of discretionary money. If you have any Roman Provincials from the years 46-62 A.D. from basically the Eastern Empire, and want to sell any, contact me! We may be able to help each other. Right now, thanks to info from Curtis, I have the recently discussed Nero for sale, since it is later than Paul's death! Definitely not of use!! :D

It's a "Thracian mint" quadrans or semis of Nero, rev. AVGVSTI VICTORIA starting at 7 o'cl., Victory on globe. Reverse is pretty much non-existent, but there's a great portrait of Nero on the obverse (q.v). below. Dates to about 64 A.D. The rough area on the bust is not apparent at all by eye. Shows up that way only on the scanner. I hadn't even seen it before!